Sperm fertilizing an egg

TCM for Female Fertility 

We understand the journey towards parenthood isn't an easy one. TCM has been widely used as a holistic and alternative treatment to help couples with fertility issues. Each fertility treatment is customized based on individual body constitution which will last at least three months. Both spouses are encouraged to take part in the treatment course. We see patients with irregular menstrual cycles, endometriosis and many other gynae-related issues. Coupled with knowledge from western medication such as blood test related issues, Yi TCM uses TCM techniques to complement any existing treatment.

TCM for Male Fertility

TCM for subfertility not only helps women with fertility issues but also improve male fertility as well. TCM is used to help improve the sperm production, sperm motility and improve the percentage of healthy sperms. TCM treatment which includes the combination of herbal medication and acupuncture also helps to improve erectile dysfunction and impotence.

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How TCM Helps IVF or IUI Procedures

TCM for IVF and IUI 

TCM is used to complement the treatment for IUI and IVF. TCM treatment such as acupuncture can help improve the blood circulation to the uterus and hence help to improve the outcome of IVF and IUI. Treatment includes herbal prescription and acupuncture treatment. Research has shown that acupuncture benefit patients with repeated failed IVF cycles and acupuncture help reduce the sub-fertility related stress.

Patients with implantation failure often seek advice on ways to improve implantation through TCM techniques. Our physicians will help with checking if the patient's body constituent is receptive towards implantation.