4 different diagnostic methods are used by a physician to your body overall health: Observation, listening and smelling, inquiring and taking of pulse. 

Please don't be offended by our Physicians asking you too many questions as the questions help them to have a clear idea how each part of your body is functioning. Just asking about your stool might involve 10 questions. They will ask you how often, when you do it, what colour, what texture, how you feel when you are releasing stools and so on. You get the gist. 

This in-depth consultation process which utilized these diagnostic methods will then help our physician to decide on the most appropriate treatment for your condition. Our treatment methods available are in the other tabs under prices here. Feel free to reach out to us on whatsapp or a call at 8511 7466 if you have any other questions on our consultation process. 

How does YI TCM treatment process look like?