Ingredients for YiTeaCM De-stress Tea which helps you relax and unwind

Ingredients for YiTeaCM De-stress Tea which helps you relax and unwind

De-stress Tea

7 Jan 2022

By Physician Na Yi Ting & Geja Shreya

Dried orange peels contribute to the fragrance of the tea and boost serotonin production, which contributes to stress relief. Being rich in vitamin C, it also has a multitude of benefits, such as being a good antioxidant and increasing iron absorption. Dried orange peels help with improving Liver qi circulation, which helps with emotion control. It also helps with qi circulation in the spleen and stomach, thereby improving digestion. The benefits of orange peels will be further elaborated on in future posts.

Roses often symbolise love and romance. A lesser-known property of roses is their ability to calm you down and relieve stress. Roses are commonly used to improve Liver Qi flow, which helps with reducing stress and improving mood. It also contributes to the sweet taste of herbal tea, making the tea-drinking experience much more enjoyable for you.

Chrysanthemum clears excess yang energy in the liver to reduce heat and calm your nerves, helping you relax and unwind after a long day of working.


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