What is a healthy period?

by Physician Sheryl Tay
09 November 2023


Menstruation happens once a month, light or heavy, painful or not. Like it or not, it is a normal part of a female’s life. Hence, having a healthy menstruation is important and any deviation could be a telling that something could be amiss internally. 

Menstruation is the monthly bleeding that occurs in ladies, where blood and tissue from the uterine lining flows out through the vagina. Every month, hormones will cause the ovaries to release an egg (a process called ovulation). The egg moves down the fallopian tubes, where it waits for sperm. If a sperm doesn’t fertilize that egg, pregnancy doesn’t occur. Hormonal changes in the body will then cause the uterine lining to shed out of the uterus, menstrual blood and tissue will flow from the uterus and out through the vagina.

Therefore, as ladies, we would like to know what a healthy period looks like. Additionally, understanding our periods, we would be able to take a sneak peek at our inner health.

Period cycle (days between 2 periods)

The ideal period cycle is 25-35 days. There are a small group of women who might have her period every 3 months, every 6 months or even once a year! If you experience a sudden change in period cycle, for example, you have been having your period monthly, however due to some unknown reasons you realise your period starts coming later or earlier for more than 3 cycles, it is imperative to check with a gynecologist/physician if there are sudden changes in your period cycle. 

Number of days of a period

The ideal number of days of blood flow is between 3-7 days, with the normal amount of blood flow 30 -50 ml (ideally 3-5 pad changes in a day). 

Other than keeping track of the number of days, we would also like to know:

2. Consistency of blood 

3. Blood clots

TCM is a holistic approach which oversees your body as a whole. Not only do we work together to aim for a healthier lifestyle, we also adjust your body constitution to work towards a healthier period. 

We provide TCM herbs and nutritional guides to bring your body back to optimum conditions, and perform acupuncture treatments to modulate body functions and activities.