Tips for a healthy period

by Physician Sheryl Tay
15 November 2023

We hear our mothers at the back of our heads whenever we raise a cup of cold drink to our mouths “DO NOT DRINK COLD DRINKS DURING YOUR PERIOD!” Is it true? Are our mothers right? 

Yes, indeed. Some may realise that after consuming cold food or drinks during menstruation, the period cramps might worsen. In TCM, we would encourage ladies to avoid cold drinks and foods (such as ice cream, salads, and sashimi) a few days before menstruation, and during menstruation itself. This is because in TCM, cold can constrict the womb, restricting blood flow to the uterus and hence cause pain and discomfort especially in the lower abdomen. 

Stress is another major factor that can affect our period. Some may notice after a busy or hectic period, there would be some changes in the period cycle. Some might also notice they get more headaches before or during their menstruation as well. 

Hence, here is a list of things we can do to help us on our journey to a happy period. 

You could also visit a TCM physician who will be able to offer a treatment plan to help you on your journey to a worry-free period.