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Bell's Palsy

by Physician Peh Tian Chi
18 November 2022

Bell’s Palsy is a neurological disorder where the facial muscles weaken and paralysed due to the damage of the facial nerve (7th cranial nerve). It is characterized by one-sided facial paralysis, causing a distortion of the face and facial nerve dysfunction. 

Acupuncture is the most effective and is known to be safe in clinical practices. Similar to most neurological conditions, it is more favorable for Bell’s Palsy treatment to be performed during the earlier stages.

Symptoms of Bell Palsy

Causes of Bell Palsy

bell's palsy

Bell’s Palsy is an idiopathic condition where the causes remain unclear. It can be due to swelling and inflammation around the facial nerve which exerts pressure on the nerve, causing facial paralysis on the affected side. 

Other possible causes are viral infection of the facial nerves (including herpes, influenza and respiratory tract infections), autoimmune inflammation, heredity and stress.

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In TCM, Bell’s Palsy is mainly caused by wind-cold invasion (sometimes wind-heat) which invades the meridian channels. This causes an obstruction to the meridian flow on the face which affects the local Qi and Blood circulation resulting in weakness and paralysis of the facial muscles.

Stress, sleep deprivation, overwork, illness or malnutrition may contribute to body deficiency and thus, causes one to be vulnerable to pathogen attack.

TCM Treatments of Bell Palsy

TCM treatment interventions aim to promote the recovery of nerve functions, minimize the risk of complications and long-term morbidity from Bell’s Palsy.

It helps to expel pathogenic wind, improves body deficiency and unblocks the meridian channels to promote better Qi and blood circulation to the face. 

“Its our job to bring smiles on the faces of  those who are suffering, to bring back their self esteem and confidence. lets do it together.”

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