Physician Peh's Articles

Physician Peh believes in having a holistic approach to human health. Through the lens of TCM, she firmly believes that every individual is unique in their body constitutions. This requires an individualized approach that works hand in hand with their lifestyle.

Her specialization and interest lie in fertility where she views body constitutions as the soil that needs to be prepared in order for a seed to take root and grow. She is also actively engaged in Amenorrhea research which enables her to help her patients regain a healthy menstrual cycle.

As a result of working in a hospital with high patient volume, she also has much experience in dealing with older adults’ health, neurological disorder, and skin conditions too. 

Being a mother of three kids, she understands the hardship of motherhood and encourages all mothers to never give up maintaining a healthy mind, body, and soul. 

Currently, she also provides home consultations for bedridden patients and patients who prefer to have TCM services right at their doorsteps.