Huang Qi 黄芪,

TCM Herbs to Enhance Fertility

5 Feb 2022

By Physician Na Yi Ting & Geja Shreya

TCM herbs improve fertility through boosting “Qi” and blood circulation. “Qi” 气 essentially means energy and thus, it is important to get the energy flowing in order to improve blood circulation. TCM herbs also provide nutrients to nourish the uterus. The improved blood circulation coupled with the nutrients boost follicular growth and thus, improve fertility.

What TCM herbs can help boost fertility? 

TCM herbs required to improve fertility are different for everyone due to their different body constitutions.

If a patient is blood-deficient, blood circulation-boosting herbs will be used. Some examples include Er Jiao 阿胶 (Donkey Hide Gelatin) and Dang Gui 当归.

If a patient is Qi-deficient, Qi boosting herbs will be used. These include Huang Qi 黄芪, Dang Shen 党参 and Dang Gui 当归.

Dang Gui 当归 is a herb that is good at boosting blood and Qi. Patients who tend to be easily fatigued or anemic can take Dang Gui 当归. Regardless, always consult a physician before using Dang Gui当归, as in small amounts, Dang Gui当归 helps to relax the uterus and improves fertility but in larger quantities, it may cause uterus contractions.

What is Ba Zhen Soup?

Ba Zhen 八珍, as its name suggests, contains 8 different herbs. 4 of these herbs boost Qi while the other 4 boost blood circulation. It can be taken as a normal soup to help condition your body after menses. Ba Zhen has a heaty nature and thus, if you have a heaty constitution, take it less often. Due to its Qi and blood-boosting properties, Ba Zhen helps to improve fertility. Do check with your physician if you are suitable to take Ba Zhen.

Can I take Bai feng Wan?

Bai Feng Wan 白凤丸, similar to Ba Zhen八珍, boosts Qi and blood. However, it is more potent in its ability to boost Qi and blood, and is more heaty than Ba Zhen 八珍. Not everyone is suitable to take Bai Feng Wan. Do consult with your physician if you are suitable to take Bai Feng Wan.

Note about Ba Zhen and Bai Feng Wan:

Both of them contain some herbs which helps to improve blood circulation to the uterus, hence, it is important to note that consumption of these TCM proprietary medicine should be after your period is clean and before your ovulation. It is advisable to stop these soup and medication after your ovulation has occurred.

What about herbs for ART techniques?

TCM herbs can also be used to help improve egg and sperm quality. While there are no herbs that specifically improve egg quality, they target root causes of poor egg and sperm quality such as the deficiency of kidney yin and yang.

In TCM, kidneys are associated with the regulation of the reproductive system. Hence, kidney yin deficiency will result in less nourishment to the uterus, causing poor egg quality. Poor sperm quality is caused by abnormal sperm morphology or motility due to kidney yang deficiency. Poor motility can be overcome by improving the kidney yang through TCM herbs.

Does Pomegranate helps with fertility?

We do always get questions about whether eating pomegranate helps with improving fertility. Pomegranate, being high in antioxidants, can help with sperm improvement. However, there is no concrete evidence suggesting that pomegranate improves fertility in women.

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