Does acupuncture help with fertility?

Does acupuncture help with fertility?

1 Oct 2021

by Physician Na Yi Ting

Acupuncture is a practice which was passed down from ancient times, and is now currently one of the most commonly used TCM treatment in fertility treatments. The theory of acupuncture involves the use of sterile, one-time use needles to stimulate meridian points in our body to unblock the qi and promote qi and blood circulations to the respective meridians in the body to provide therapeutic treatment.

Acupuncture needles are commonly administered at the abdominal area in fertility treatment to stimulate the Ren meridian which connects to the womb and the reproductive system. This will help to improve the blood supply and circulation to the womb and the reproductive system to promote fertility.

Purpose of acupuncture on the abdomen for fertility
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