Physician Na's Articles

Physician Na has a keen interest in gynecology and fertility. Prior to practicing in Yi TCM, she led the fertility team in Thong Chai. Her expertise in this area especially TCM to complement Assisted Reproductive Techniques has helped many couples conceive. 

She believes that diet and lifestyles are important parts of getting better, and individuality is important in treating each patient, so she will always come out with a list of diet and lifestyle modifications catered to each patient. She believes that positive and healthy communication is important, hence she will always try to make each consult as light-hearted as possible while providing crucial advice for our patients.

Physician Na loves to listen to relaxing music. She plays music at times, and exercises to keep for as well. She believes that it is important to keep herself healthy so that she can do her best to help each patient.

24 Aug 2022: Physician Na on Capital 958 live!