Physician Lee's Articles

Physician Lee is a dedicated healthcare provider who believes in providing high-quality care by understanding her patients' medical conditions and determining the best medical interventions to help them achieve their health goals. With a strong background in public health, Physician Lee places a great emphasis on patient education and evidence-based Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practice.

Physician Lee's expertise lies in TCM fertility care, which has helped numerous couples achieve their dreams of starting a family. She understands the emotional and physical stress that couples face when trying to conceive and believes that TCM can play a vital role in balancing the body constitution for conceiving.

In addition to TCM fertility care, Physician Lee has experience treating various medical conditions, including joint and muscular pain, gastrointestinal conditions, upper respiratory conditions, and pediatric ailments. Having worked in clinics with high patient volume, Physician Lee has honed her skills and is committed to providing exceptional care to her patients.