Boosting your child's immune system with 

Pediatrics Tuina 

 By Physician Amanda Chua
26  Aug 2022

Adult vs Pediatrics Tuina, what's the difference? 

Pediatrics Tuina is specifically catered for toddlers and infants between the ages of 1 month– 7 years old. As children have delicate and soft skin, different massage techniques are used compared to adult Tuina. Pediatrics Tuina involves quick and gentle strokes, it is not painful or harsh like Adult Tuina!


What are the benefits of TCM Pediatric Massage?

According to TCM principals, the body constitution of children are delicate as their respiratory and digestive systems are not fully mature. This is the reason why children are more prone to catching a cold, having indigestion, diarrhea and poor appetite! Frequent illnesses would further weakened the digestive system, impeding the proper absorption of nutrients and hence affecting the child's growth and development ;(

The benefits of Pediatric Tuina include:

Here's a 10 minute DIY pediatric Tuina routine that you can perform on your child to boost  his / her immune system!

Somethings to take note of before we get started:

1) 补脾经  Nourishing the Spleen Meridian

2) 揉板门   Knead Ban Men

3)  揉足三里      Massaging Zu San Li

(P.S. Your child's 4 fingers, not yours :P)

Paediatric Tuina is a safe therapy, but a proper diagnosis is recommended before proceeding with massages!

 Do consult a TCM physician  for your child to receive proper diagnosis and a personalized consultation ;)