Acupuncture For COVID Brain Fog 

Tradition backed by modern research

By Physician Amanda Chua
04  Jul 2022

2 months ago, Derrick Lim+, 35, was tested positive for COVID-19. It took close to a week before he was tested negative, but what caught him by surprise was the severity of “hang over” he felt. "I am constantly exhausted and find it difficult to focus at work,” he said. “My memory has deteriorated, I need a longer time before I can recall the names of some of my acquaintances.”


Derrick is one of the thousands of people worldwide complaining of brain fog after recovering from COVID-19. 

Symptoms include:

Covid brain fog

What do we know about COVID-19 brain fog?

How does COVID-19 affect the brain?

Studies have shown that COVID-19 causes what is known as a cytokine storm. A cytokine storm causes inflammation that not only damages the body’s tissues, but also hinders the ability of brain neurons to communicate effectively, which causes the COVID-19 brain fog.

Can acupuncture really help??

WHO published a report recommending member states to consider the use of TCM, including acupuncture, to manage post COVID-19 symptoms. According to TCM principles, post-viral symptoms such as fatigue, lack of focus and shortness of breath are due to the weakening of the organs’ Qi (or healing energy) and Yin essence. Acupuncture helps improve the circulation of blood and Qi, which in turn boosts the healing and restoration processes of the various organs.

For individuals who are fearful of needles or who do not have immediate access to acupuncture, here’s a simple 3 minutes acupressure routine to help you with your COVID-19 brain fog!

Instructions before you start:


百会  Bai Hui


Function: Stimulating this point improves energy level in the body. This acupoint has been used for hundreds of years to help patients suffering from insomnia have a good night’s sleep.

合谷 He Gu


Function: According to TCM theory, Qi and blood aggregate at this acupoint, hence, stimulating He Gu will boost Qi and blood circulation.

Zu San Li

足三里  Zu San Li 


Function: Zu San Li is commonly referred to as the “point of longevity”. According to TCM principles, Zu San Li is located along the Stomach Meridian, stimulating it will help strengthen the digestive system. A strengthened digestive system will help tonify our blood and “Qi” or healing energy, hence boosting our immunity!