How to determine if your body is ready for pregnancy?

How Ready is your Body for Pregnancy?

By Physician Aileen Chua
28 June 2022

You have enjoyed enough of your couple time and have started to think of having a child to spice up your life. Then you start to wonder if your body is healthy enough to grow a healthy baby, and thinking if you need to get any checks done. For those of you who are feeling like this, here is a list of aspects to look out for to have a rough gauge of how ready your body is 😊

Here is a list of how you should be feeling in an ideal situation, the more you can check off the list, the readier your body is!

Female reproductive system

Period Cycle

Cycle: 26-35 days. Length of Period: 4-7 days.

Symptoms during Period: 

No cramps

Amount (For 2 days, 1/2-3/4 day pad filled every 3-4 hours, 3/4 overnight pad filled when sleeping)

Your blood is in this colour

Blood is not sticky

Small or no blood clots

No lower back aches

Not tired


Ovulation Discharge

Ovulation Discharge

Clear and stretchy, resembling raw egg white

Basal Body Temperate (BBT)

Basal Body Temperature (BBT)

An increase of at least 0.4°C after ovulation, and maintain for 12-14 days

Determining your Gut Health

Gut Health

Good appetite (normal portion 2-3 meals a day)

Good digestion (no bloating, no reflux, no nauseous)

Regular bowel movements (Stools not too dry and hard, not loose and watery, not sticky)

Have a balanced diet 

Have a healthy weight range of BMI 20-23 (Weight in kg/Height*Height in m)

How to mentally prepare for pregnancy?

Mental Health

Have 7-8 hours of sleep

Sleep by 11pm

Mentally prepared for the changes that the body has to go through during the pregnancy

Calm and relaxed generally

Importance of Musculoskeletal Health for pregnancy

Musculoskeletal Health

Have good abdominal muscles and core body strength

Have strong lower back muscles

Correct alignment of the spine and pelvic

Have good stamina

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