1. Can I claim insurance for seeing Yi TCM?

It depends, good to check with your insurer if they cover TCM treatments, the criteria needed to treat, specific items that the insurer cover, the conditions they cover and the claim limits on your insurance.

Insurance claims for TCM require the clinic and it's physicians to be registered with the TCM Practioner's board. Yi TCM is a licensed TCM clinic registered with the TCM practitioner's board. Our TCM physicians are licensed too.

  1. Why aren't there patient testimonials on the website?

It is against TCM practioner's board to publish a patient's testimonial on our own site. Patients can however give their review on their own accord on google maps.

  1. Can Yi TCM physicians speak English?

Yes of course! Our physicians are locally trained in NTU and furthered their studies in China for numerous years. Hence they are bilingual and some can even handle dialect


  1. Can I make my own appointment online?

Of course you can! You can look at our Physician's availability in the clinic calendar and select your preferred time slot! Click the following physician's name to make your appointment!
Physician Na Yi Ting 蓝医师
Physician Amanda Chua 蔡医师

Physician Aileen Chua LL蔡医师
Physician Peh Tian Chi 白医师

  1. Can I change my appointment date and time?

Yes! You can whatsapp us and let us know when you would like to change your appointment. You won't be able to do it on your own online, but you may book another preferred slot and let us know to cancel the previous.
Click here to Whatsapp 8511 0418 TripleOne Somerset
Click here to Whatsapp 8511 7466 HabourFront Centre

  1. Are there weekend surcharges?

No, we do not have surcharges on weekends but we do give discounts on weekdays!

  1. Are there weekday discounts?

Yes there is! We currently offer 20% off consults and treatments on weekdays and 10% off packages. The discounts are non-applicable on top of existing promotions and discounts


  1. Do you see male patients?

Yes we do! Some male patients with sperm quality concerns see us for treatments.

  1. How much is the Chinese medication? Can I not take it?

The medication is $14 a day, customised blend of prescription based on your condition. If you have budget concerns, please highlight to our physician, so they can devise a treatment within your budget accordingly.

  1. I have various tests taken during my fertility journey. Should I bring them along for my first consult?

Yes of course! Our physicians are experienced with looking at blood tests and relevant reports for your fertility journey. So please be rest assured to bring them for an in-depth consultation with our physicians. :)

  1. Do you only do fertility treatments?

At Yi TCM, we do pain management and other ailments too. Our physicians have special interest in fertility but they are also trained in other fields to handle your other health concerns too. In general, each consult entails a holistic approach to correcting your general health and well being. Patients with fertility concerns can of course spend a little more time asking more about their current conditions and we will do our best to plan the best course of treatment for our patients.

  1. Can I move during acupuncture? What if I need to use the washroom?

You will be unable to move with the acupuncture needles in the body. We leave a service bell by your hand if you need us you can call us with the bell. As for the washroom, it is advised to visit the washroom before your acupuncture treatment

  1. Can I shower right after acupuncture?

It will be advisable to wait for two hours before you shower after your acupuncture to ensure that the puncture wounds are fully closed to prevent any infection


  1. Do I have to brew the Chinese medicine?

No, you don't have to. Your customized powdered medicine has been packed into sachets. All you have to do is mix it with warm water and drink. It has been made convenient and hassle free for working adults.

  1. Can western and Chinese medicine be taken together?

They should be taken two hours apart. But please let our physician know of any western medication you are currently on so they can better advise on how to take the medication and take into consideration before giving you your prescription.

  1. Is there any discount on medication?

Due to rising prices of herbs, Yi TCM has absorbed the costs of medication and kept prices of Chinese medication constant at $14 (plus GST) a day. Hence, we are unable to offer any discounts on our medication.

  1. Can the medication be taken on an empty stomach?

It is not advisable to do so. It is suggested to be taken after food.